There's this great little website called TogetherTube that my friends and I use frequently. This site lets users create a room that other users can join, and users in the room can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo, etc to a queue, and then vote on them to move them up and down the queue. Sometimes, my friends and I will hop in a room to watch a long series of videos. Unfortunately, Togethertube doesn't have a feature to add lots of videos at once, and adding lots of videos one by one is really tedious and time consuming. To solve this problem, I created togethertube-cli.


  • Add videos from a YouTube playlist or channel, optionally specifying start and end indexes, to the room's queue.
  • Add lots of votes for a specific video in a room, bumping it to the top of the list.

Source code is not available publicly because it's very easy to use it for abuse and spam.